Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some technicalities

The comments some of you left at the other blog about 'Framed Ink' include some interesting technical questions which I already answered there but, since the idea is to compile right here everything related to the book, I'm going to briefly talk about these questions again.
One of them was referring to the sort of pens and brushes I used to do the drawings for the book.
Going just about 3 or 4 years back in time I'll say that, for the 'Sunset on Hollywood' graphic novel I'm currently re publishing in the blog, I used Sharpie markers that would give me the ease, freshness and different qualities of brush stroke I like. The thing was after the drawings were done on paper, I had to scan the material, compose it, re compose it, edit it, etc on Photoshop, and color it with the same program once the process was finished. It felt great and it felt right for the project and for the moment.
Then, when I decided to go ahead and get started with the new book, I realized I wasn't going to have the time to finish it in an acceptable time frame if going at it the same way.
Since by then I had been using Cintiq at the studio for a long time and had finally got into it and understood its possibilities and how to adapt it to my style, I decided that was it. Then all the correcting and editing would be done digitally, meaning much faster and making it easier also when it came to store all the data and 'originals'.


Mike Sekowski said...

Really appreciate the info, as its getting me more excited for this stunning book. There is such an incredible sense of movement and dynamism from these selected works, so I can only imagine what lies on the pages you haven't revealed yet! With the previous post especially, the central figure, with guards at his sides has such presence and strength. Truly beautiful.

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Mike, it looks like a month from now you'll be able to see the rest of it, and I hope you find it interesting :)

Jose Luis said...

Pues parece una herramienta cojonuda, este libro!
Hace falta material así (sobre todo en el aspecto de los tebeos, que en cinematográfico si que hay bibliografía).
JL Munuera

Marcos Mateu said...

Gracias Jose Luis. Es desde luego un libro orientado a dos direcciones, explicar, profundizar y mostrar ejemplos sobre narrativa visual y, tambien, dar las herramientas suficientes al lector para que, a partir de alli, pueda sacar sus propias conclusiones y adaptarlas a su estilo personal.
Un abrazo.